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Welcome at This is is build to provide you with strategical and technical information on Secure, Identity  & Access Management (SIAM). The site contains explanations on what SIAM is. The site also contains information on how to handle projects, how to work with organizational issues and best practices. We have a great deal experience in SIAM projects, both large scale and medium size, and we want to share this information with you in through articles, presentations, whitepapers and general thoughts by leading SIAM architects consultants and technicians.

This site also contains a lot of technical information for technical SIAM engineers. From codesnippets, demo projectcode, solution articles and technical documentation.

We hope this information provides you a helping hand when you are involved in any SIAM project.



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Thinking identity management : THINK BIG!

Our vision on identity management : don't think about getting the information on users in a directory or database because it reduces the workload on your IT staff. Think bigger, think about what you can do with all the information. Think about giving your network users a "instant workplace", "self provisioning" and give you're IT staff a admin free user life cycle.

Identity Management Solutions, road map to success.

The project should to take all these services into consideration. This does not imply that all these services should actually be implemented. Only experienced IdM consultants will get a complete view of the services.

Steps on the roadmap:

  • A tactical view
  • High Level design
  • Project team
  • Inventory
  • Grand design
  • DTAO
  • Building
  • Data analasys
  • Go-Live



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